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Types/legal forms of Estonian companies

It is currently possible to establish a company of any organizational and legal form in Estonia. The main types of legal structures are LLC (limited liability company) and Joint-stock company.    

The most common form in Estonia is a LLC (limited liability company). First of all such popularity is caused by the fact that the amount of the charter capital is not high (min. – 2500 EUR), the management structure of the company is simple and the owner’s liability is limited by the amount of their contributions.

Founder and owner of a LLC can be one or several physical or legal persons; they can be residents of EU (residents or citizens) and also residents of foreign countries (including offshore companies). A foreigner can own 100% of the Estonian company’s charter capital .

A Joint-stock company is usually used by very large companies or those companies that are obligated by the law to be joint-stock companies (for example, banks). The registration of a joint-stock company is more expensive, the charter capital is bigger (min. – 25 000 EUR), the structure is more complicated (aside from 3 members of the board, a board of directors must exist). The service is also more expensive – audit is required, etc.